Saturday, July 4, 2009

Winter is Here ..

Well certainly getting cold here .. the fact that we are heading south for the winter is starting to hit me!  Been hunting for warm natural thermals  ..

Thought I'd share a few tips about nappy care in winter. The cold weather can make fabric drying somewhat difficult, can't it? It is often a time of year when lovers of soft fluffy bamboo nappies, leave them still wet on the line in favour of ye olde hemp. Yes, hemp is a more dense and potentially crunchy fabric .. but fleece liners are so snuggy against them, and hemp just dries so quick in comparison! But perhaps this is just another excuse to stock up on yumi bamboo!! lol In winter I have found that putting the load of nappies on in the evening before bed, then pegging them out first thing in the morning to give the fabrics maximum time to dry. In the late arvo before the real evening chill sets in, I bring them to the inside by-the-fire-line to dry them completely. I found drying them only in front of the heater made the fabrics stiffer over time. Never use fabric softeners on your nappies. Tho, these days there are natural fabric conditioners appearing in health shops more and more. Such products are best used sparingly on your nappies. The same effect can be achieved by throwing them in the dryer for 5-1O minutes after bringing them in from the line. You may be using a dryer all the time? Remember that their lifespan will be reduced. This is because the dryer strips the outer layer of fabric, as you can see in your lint tray xX Having lots of little boosters may be easier to dry than big chunky ones this time of year. Tis the season for fleecey and wooly covers .. I love B's woollen longies - they are a pajama pant and waterproof nappy cover in one! It's a pity she just grew out of them .. at least we got two winters out of them. xX Suzi

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