Thursday, October 22, 2009

About Baby Wipes

So if you are going all out with this cloth nappy thing you probably aren't into those chemical cocktails too-many parents use on their bubs delicate skin.

The MCN alternative is a cloth wipe. Usually 20cm x 20cm square, funky flannel print on one side and soft terry, bamboo or cotton jersey on the other. Simply wet the wipe and clean bub gently with water after wees or poos. Warm water is nicer, especially for newbies :)

A small wetbag can be handy for keep pre-moistened wipes in for outings.
If water isn't enough for your bubs nappy messes you may be interested in a cloth wipes blend.
Eco Moon stocks one that is oraganic castille in a pump pack. Just spray a little straight onto bubs pooey bum (comes out like hair mousse) and wipe up the mess with a cloth wipe. Done!
What could be easier?

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