Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 funkys for sale!!

Yay! This blog now has 5 followers! Time to offer 2 great prototypes!
The first has a cotton denim outer/lime green fleece inner, with hidden layers of bamboo & a hidden layer of waterproof pul.
Plus a lay-in trifold. One side is bamboo velour the other bamboo fleece. This is not a true OSFM as the rise {length of the nappy} is a little short to claim this. I would say it will fit most bubs from 5kg-12kg. $25 plus $5 post.
Second has a chocolate velvet outer/bamboo velour inner. Same make-up as the first one. Also $25 plus $5 post.
If someone wants to take both I'll shout postage. xX

I am going away in the morning .. online again next Mon or Tues.
Please note the new blog address .. www.ecomoon.blogspot.com
I am currently trying to find the settings for you to reply to this page.
Bear with me xX


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