Friday, June 12, 2009

Look at these gorgeous nappies!  They are a OSFM {one size fits most} with an inner of bamboo velour and a variety of outers ... minky, velvet, denim and cord. The waterproof layer of 'pul' is hidden.  These AI2s {all-in-twos} come with a lay-in bamboo trifold and will fit babes from 5kg - 15kg. The lay-in trifold can be used inside newborn sized covers for premmies and babies smaller than 5kg.

 Nicole, a local woman to the Sunshine Coast, is the humble maker. She has been finalising the pattern over the last few weeks and is currently stocking up on yumi new fabrics!

I have a couple of her prototypes here, which I will list for purchase or trade for $25 a nappy, once I have attracted 5 followers to this blog.